Karaliaučiaus (Kaliningrado) srities vietovardžiai

Königsberg (Karaliaučius, Kaliningrad, Калининград) placenames


Link to Kaliningrad district (Northern East Prussia) placenames (toponyms) SHP, KML files.

Link to Kaliningrad district (Northern East Prussia) rivers and river names SHP, KML files.

Number of place-names objects >4200. Rivers >650.

Feature extent
Max Y 55,2900689280386
Min Y 54,2981792114015
Max X 22,8746865910134
Min X 19,8067199637554

Coordinate system
WKID: 4669 Authority: EPSG
Angular Unit: Degree (0,0174532925199433)
Prime Meridian: Greenwich (0,0)
Datum: D_Lithuania_1994
  Spheroid: GRS_1980
    Semimajor Axis: 6378137,0
    Semiminor Axis: 6356752,314140356
    Inverse Flattening: 298,257222101

Type of feature class
Point Feature

1:50 000

Field names
LT_NAMES Transcribed Lithuanian names from German sources
DE_NAMES Names from 1700 to 1928
RU_NAMES Names from 1946
ADM Administrative and municipal status before 1944
 A Center of Landkreis 
 B Center of parish
ADM_RU Administrative and municipal status after 1946
 A Center of oblost'
 B Center of district (raion)

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